While Magic Router is running under Windows Service

Install, config, changes and status

While Magic Router is running under Windows Service

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How to config.
Start up any MR*.exe, select the config file used by system service. Generally, we use config name as this format, config.port.txt, where port is the listen port of the service. Whichever standard routing, agent server or listener, there must be a port to listen. If start up only as forwarder, you can name the config as config.user1.txt. But config.user1.txt must rename by yourself, Magic Router will not increase the sequence automatically.
Select config file of the running instant, start you changes. Changes will not apply to running service.

How to apply changes
By remote management, http://YourServerIp:Port/index.html

How to view information/status
If MR.EXE is run under windows service, you can view information or status by http client, IE or Firefox by this address http://MyServer:Port/index.html
You can view connections, restart service and change setting.
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