Install Magic Router as system service

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Install Magic Router as system service

Postby admin » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:06 am

If install Magic Router as service, remember to set port for monitor, for remote management. Otherwise you cannot change setting while Magic Router is running.

1. To startup Magic Router without login while computer is starting up, install Magic Router as system service.

2. If you find start up Magic Router with problem while user login to system (by start up group, not system service). If computer is not fully loaded all resource, Magic Router will not start up correctly.
If you get this problem, install Magic Router as system service. Magic Router have the ability to provide exe none stopped control.

3. If you need to config or restart Magic Router, you just only start up any MR.EXE under the folder of the exe, select a config.n.txt file, change setting as your need, click save, and restart service.

4. To avoid Magic Router crash, there is no tray icon on system tray, click any MR*.exe can config you Magic Router setting.

5. 1 standard routing listen port will create 1 system service on windows service list. 1 instant of Listener Client or Forwarder Client need 1 system service. 1 agent server needs 1 system service. Whatever you start up as system service, different config file name with this format config.x.txt can install as service. But remember to set different listen port on different service.

6. Why don't start up all listen port on a single MR.EXE. Even our Magic Router support multi-thread, running all ports on an exe is facing high risk. If either server data crashing exe, all serviced ports will crash at the same time.

7. To better control you error log, data log, connection log, config file or data file, run single port on a MR.EXE in different folder. The config.?.txt file in different folder cannot be the same name, since this config file name will be registered in system service. Same file name cannot register in system service, it is system limitation.
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