Agent Server + Auto Trigger Forwarder

Agent is a kind of reverse connection. Agent Server, Listener Client and Forwarder Client can all start up without our server.

Agent Server + Auto Trigger Forwarder

Postby admin » Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:25 am

Forwarder Client can be automatically started on Agent Server. Auto Triggered Forwarder use much lesser memory than single Forwarder Client. Enable Auto Forwarder on Agent Server can simulate VPN Server usage.

The default setting for each new auto triggered forwarder is using the same setting as agent server config. If you want to change individual forwarder setting, select the user config and change it.

Allowed setting see "Forwarder Client Access Rules".

Trouble Shooting on Fail Starting up Auto Forwarder
1. If Agent Server and Auto Forwarder is enabled and listener (client side) cannot create tunnel after pressing start(2) button, start up another Magic Router on server side to configure the forwarder config file.
2. If Agent Server listen address is not or, you need to configure the listen address from to the address used in Agent Server.
3. If the listen port is not the port on Agent Server, change the port in client common to Agent Server listen port.
4. The listener user password must same as the password in User.txt or database.
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