Magic Router Listener Client supports File Sharing

Agent is a kind of reverse connection. Agent Server, Listener Client and Forwarder Client can all start up without our server.

Magic Router Listener Client supports File Sharing

Postby admin » Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:14 am

Making use of Magic Router, you can enjoy faster file transfer rate between File Explorer and File Server. If run as System Service, suggest to enable Service Booster to boost file transfer rate.

Sample setting on Listener Client:
Port Forward Definition:,137,,137,UDP,138,,138,UDP,139,,139,TCP

On Listener Client Advanced Settings, enable Bind Non Local Computer IP, select suitable network adapter.

Client common:
Server port = 2222, ip = or Global Ip.

Where (can be any non local address) is the ip address for File Explorer, and is the ip address of true File Server. You cannot use or local computer address (192.168.1.N) as the ip to connect by File Explorer. It will conflict with local computer file sharing.

If you use domain name as the Agent Server Ip, your laptop can connect to File Server both inside or outside the File Server network.

Why Magic Router for File Sharing ?
1. Improved Windows File Sharing Performance.
2. Faster database or text file transfer, at least 2 times faster.
3. set both send and recv buffer size to 64512 in client and agent server (+Auto Forwarder) or Forwarder Client, will increase file listing rate or file transfer rate.
4. Laptop through Magic Router connect to File Server, not like VPN, it will not affect laptop gateway or routing path.
5. Using domain name as Agent Server Ip , laptop can connect to file server inside or outside office.
6. Support open large (over 1G) MS Access mdb or very large foxpro dbf file (use command) over Internet.
7. Since File Explorer is connected to Magic Router Listener Client, always connected, network drive will not easily be broken.
8. Faster remote backup files from 1 computer to another computer.

If Magic Router Listener Client is started for network drive mapping, File and Printer Sharing Service of local computer will be disabled.

Sample Screen:

VPN Simulated Network Diagram:

If the remote PC locate outside or inside LAN, use the following PFD instead. If outside LAN, start Agent Listener. If inside LAN, no need to start Magic Router, direct use LAN to connect LAN server.
Sample Port Forward Definition:,139,,139,TCP,139,,139,TCP,21,,21,FTP

* Remember to enable Bind Non Local Ip, run Magic Router with Administrator right.
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