Listener Client Bind Non Local Computer IP

Agent is a kind of reverse connection. Agent Server, Listener Client and Forwarder Client can all start up without our server.

Listener Client Bind Non Local Computer IP

Postby admin » Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:22 am

Select suitable Network Adapter from Advanced Settings, then forward connection to agent server + auto forwarder or single agent forwarder.

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What is Bind Non Local Computer IP ? Non Local Computer IP is the ip not set or not found in Local Computer,

What is Bind ? Magic Router creates non local ip on the physical network adapter temporarily, then your application can connect to this ip, and make forward connection to agent server.

Bind Non Local Computer Ip and Auto Bind Port can be used for File Sharing, Proxy not supported ports and force redirecting outgoing ip to Agent Forwarder, redirect undefined ip, undefined port, relay on forwarder.

Magic Router Standard Routing support forward single port with encoding, firewall and quota for Proxy Server to access http,https protocol. But Agent Listener can forward multiple ports for non standard proxy protocol, such as 554 (radio broadcast). Additionally, You can start up Standard Routing and Agent Listener Client at the same interface.

If Bind Non Local Computer IP is enabled, Magic Router can also auto detect ip or port to bind. Settings in the text box is executed line by line, each line is in the following format.
single ip, ranged ip, ip subnet, single port, ranged port, combine ip and port.

What is the purpose of Auto Bind Port ?

If you want to redirect connection outgoing to non local computer ip, ip is not known or port is not known, then listener client will capture the connections according to the ip,port setting and forward to agent server.
Common usage: browser, online game or online radio.

Auto Bind Port can be used as proxy server. It can redirect all port, not only, 80,443,21. It can redirect all non standard proxy protocol. Once the port is binded, all outgoing to public ip connection will be handled by Agent Forwarder. That means you do not need a proxy server running on server side and do not need to set up proxy setting on browser.

This type of usage can be act as proxy for all port. Normally browser or proxy server is supported these port 21,80,443,Gopher,Socks ONLY. Auto Bind IP/Port supports all ports.

But this Auto Bind Port as proxy is for frequent accessed web site, like radio/video broadcast, If you always access different url, this setting is not applicable.

Auto Bind IP, Port is not committed immediately after detection, it require 5-10 seconds to complete. If the application/browser outgoing ip is changing all the time, it is not quite applicable.
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