Transfer file between Computers

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Transfer file between Computers

Postby admin » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:51 am

Magic Router have internal simple upload and download file command, PUT OR GET. However if transfer files operation is too frequent, you can install ftp like SlimFtp on remote computer instead of Magic Router PUT OR GET internal command. SlimFtp is very slim.
Magic Router PUT OR GET internal command support simultaneous operations, you can issue PUT or GET for more than once to transfer different files.

Sample command to upload file from Agent Listener side to Agent Forwarder side:
PUT c:\temp\test.dat
test.dat file will upload to Forwarder program folder

Sample command to download file from Agent Forwarder side to Agent Listener side:
GET User.txt
User.txt will transfer download from Forwarder program folder to Listener program folder.
GET c:\temp\User.txt
c:\temp\User.txt will transfer download from Forwarder c:\temp to Listener program folder.
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