Shell Cmd on Forwarder

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Shell Cmd on Forwarder

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Shell Cmd on Forwarder, if you use listener client to connect to forwarder client through agent server, typing command on text box and enter, exactly equal to run command on forwarder (remote computer). There are some internal command (By Magic Router), that is not found in Windows, ie. WOL, CON, GET, PUT.
WOL=Wake on lan. CON=Connect to computer with port test. GET=Download file from forwarder, where path and file should found in forwarder, PUT=Upload file to forwarder, where path and file should found in listener. Other Windows commands depend on system. Like taskkill, not all os installed with this tool.

Shell Cmd Tools Usage Example.
Internal command:

where AABBCCDDEEFF is the MAC of network adapter.

CON 5955
separate ip and port by single space

PUT "C:\temp\test.txt"
put local computer file to remote root of Magic Router Folder.

GET C:\autoexec.bat
get remote computer file back to local Magic Router Folder.
PUT or GET command should use full path.

Supported Windows Shell Cmd:
Most of the supported/useful commands are list in text box.
ipconfig, ping, arp, tracert,
nslookup, netstat,
route, taskkill, tasklist, net, netsh,
dir, type, whoami, net, systeminfo,
notepad, explorer, return saved in

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